Primavera P6 Planning

2023 Apr Sun
Primavera P6 Planning


Primavera P6 is a database system designed for project, program, and portfolio management. Primavera P6 uses a system of codes and logic networks on intricate scopes of work to calculate the agreed project contract dates. This tool can be used universally across all projects no matter the size and or scale. Even though, Primavera has been most used in the construction/engineering sector it is in fact not industry specific and can be both efficiently and effectively used by any company running a project. Primavera excels in being able to handle large and complicated projects and to do it exceptionally well. The appeal of Primavera P6 in an enterprise environment is that the project planning and execution strategies can be aligned with the accounting and executive decision-making processes defined at an organisational level.

Benefits of Primavera P6 Planning in Industry

Although Primavera P6 is the standard project management tool used across the world in industries such as Construction, Biopharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Energy and Manufacturing, that isn’t to say that it is a tool used to its highest efficiency in the industry. We at WiiPlan Limited aim to utilise every aspect of P6 Planning and how it can be hugely important in the proficient planning of a project.

By using the P6 Planning tool to its utmost we can create projects benefits such as:

Reduces the risk of schedule & cost overrun

Schedule over run is one of the largest contributors to extra cost in projects, reducing the risk of this we can mitigate any risk which may contribute to this. If not addressed early this cost can lead to a reduction in valuable resources or other critical aspects of the project. When P6 Planning is done effectively we can get ahead of these possible issues early before they become a problem.

Easily Plan & Update Projects in Real Time

We can consistently use the P6 Planning tool to control and manage all aspects of the project. We can use the software in order to generate a critical path for any project, this can be easily used and understood by all members of the project. This allows us to liaise with management in order to optimize management resources. Although P6 can be easily understood and even used by members of the project, We at Wiiplan can dive deeper into features of P6 that are more complicated in order to display great visibility across all aspects of any project or program.

As previously mentioned, we use critical path method for sorting the project activities, these activities are then coded and assigned applicable resources in order to generate a wide range of reports. Each project differs in terms of restrictions on site, complex or varying work calendars per labour force and religious holidays etc. We create a calendar and apply it to the activities to ensure an accurate schedule. Linking each activity sequentially is essential, we do this manually as the other options create assumptions and can negatively affect the accuracy of the project.

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure and attaching tasks to each sector allowing a clear field of vision into accountability. We can then monitor the progress against the tasks to accurately update the timeline in real time.


A lot of the time, due to unforeseen circumstances projects run into roadblocks in which they will need additional resources and new activities. We can create precise forecasts for any project hiccups allowing project managers to work in conjunction with higher management to relay accurate information. These new tasks can then be assigned to levels of the Work Breakdown Structure that need to complete then thus ensuring clarity of accountability and maximizing efficiency.

Financial Importance

As previously mentioned, Primavera P6 reduces the risk of cost overrun, it allows us to integrate the project's budget into the logic of the project and analyze and compare the progress of the budget in conjunction with the activities. Through P6 planning we can create a connection between the financial aspects of the project with the work execution on site. This feature allows us to create financial reports for the Project manager to relay to higher management to make informed decisions on the project budget. A large project can symbolize a crucial step in a company’s future. This means that major stakeholders and high management all want to have visibility on both the progress on site and the budget in relation to this. This feature is one of the most important benefits of P6 Planning and one we take very seriously.

Legal Benefits

Unfortunately, a common issue in projects is legal disputes such as pay claims and progress disputes, etc. Primavera P6 can and has been used commonly to document and defend these claims. In fact, Primavera P6 is contractually required in certain projects as part of project regulations and restrictions. It would be rare for a project to go 100% to plan in the construction or engineering industries, these changes that affect the project timeline and budget more commonly than not lead to a financial dispute, therefore it is important to be protected. Having an agreed project baseline on P6 followed by frequently updating the schedule both in terms of progress and budgets allows us to gather a range of documentation in the case that a dispute occurs. We can generate the analyses that would support claims when we see fit.

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